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I worked with a team of talented compositing and VFX artists at Blatant Studio on Season 1 of The Hollow. 


My duties there were to take animations from Adobe Animate, separate out all of the necessary layers, bring those into Adobe After Effects and add glow, blur, atmosphere, lighting - all of the effects you can not do in Animate. We worked to make our shots look cohesive with one another.
Often, getting the layers to cooperate in Animate was the most challenging part! 

I had a fun time working on this show, and with the rest of my team at Blatant. My team mates are still great friends, and a few of us  have gone on to work on on additional projects since The Hollow Season 1 wrapped.

You can check out the preview and further information about The Hollow on Blatant's website here: The Hollow

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